Compilations of Mentees’ Thoughts and Reflections on John and John’s Dream

I’m Yesenia, and I met John about two years ago…

At that time I had absolutely no desire for life. I struggled every day getting through working and coming home, only to lock myself in and drink myself to sleep. My sister, Lyen, who works for John, gave me a copy of his book and told me a little bit about him. I remember reading his book and thinking to myself "Jesus, this is exactly how I feel." Then reading more into his story and his upbringing and to see how happy and successful he is now. All I could think was, how? Lyen had told me about a book signing that he was having around this time and invited me to come. Keep in mind, I had a lot of anxiety about being in crowds or even being in the public eye outside of work. But I wanted to meet this man, even if it was just a hello. That's exactly what it was. That anxiety that built up in me was so much that it was kind of an in-and-out situation. I didn't say much, but the hello was enough for John to invite me to lunch the following week, and the rest was history. Little did I know how much my life would change from that one day. Between lunches and spa days, I've learned so much from John and his wife, Karen. I've gotten a different outlook on my life. I honestly don't know where I would be if I hadn't crossed paths with John. I've gained so much more self-worth for myself and a passion to want to live again, and not just live but to pass on the same gift that he's given me. Because of John's Dream I have taken my life back full spin. My mental space is so much clearer and in part my health has taken a ride along with it. With my newfound passion for fitness, I've found myself working with a few people with their fitness goals, and just kind of working through some of the mental and physical that I could help with. Again, just kind of sharing my story with everyone and being transparent. I don't know where my life would be without John's Dream. I'd probably still be in this deep depression, drinking my life away, and not even here to be able to tell my story.

- Yesenia

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I’m Kalisha, and I am a native Louisianan living in Central…

I’ve known John for almost two years now. We met through my employment at Virginia College. I’m a professor teaching Business, English, Math and Computer classes there. John spoke to some of the college students, and I attended three of his sessions, as I was intrigued. His life story and how he opened up to the students touched my heart and I wanted to connect with him for further discussion. He asked the question: “How do you make a change and go from where you are to where you can go to improve your life?” I pondered that for a while because no one had ever asked that question. John was kind enough to invite both my husband and me to a New Year’s Eve event at his home. He showed that he cares for others and showed me that these were true events. I enjoy the fact that John continues to help others. We continued our friendship and communicated a lot together. Currently, John assists me in organizing my financial budget to address the reality of managing my life and to find a means to pursue my next path, which is accomplishing a PhD in Urban Forestry at Southern University. I am truly blessed that John granted me a scholarship to achieve this goal…and in turn, I am working by assisting his team to pay back this gift, and to help people by paying it forward. The person John is I would state is truly genuine — John truly loves his wife, his life and his children, and his goal during his lifetime is to help thousands of people see their potential and move forward with clarity in their direction.

- Kalisha

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I’m Toree to my family and friends, and I am a Louisiana native living in Gonzales…

I met John in 2017 through MTC (Medical Training College) where he conducted a speaking engagement. I am a single parent of 4 children who struggles at times to figure out my next step. John shared a video of his wedding anniversary with the class that touched me. I realized that I had not had that type of love and happiness in my life. It must have shown on my face because John approached me through a fellow student at one of his speaking engagements and invited me to lunch to talk about my reaction to the video. I must admit, I was slightly apprehensive at first, until I realized his generosity with his time and not everyone is that generous. John has taken his own precious time out of his life to get to know me as a person and helped me change from who I was to who I could be, now and in the future. For me, life hasn’t always been easy. I had an extremely rough childhood, and I felt trapped and with no drive to move forward. Now, with John’s assistance, guidance and support, I feel I can accomplish anything! John helped me realize my potential and worth. With that realization, I quit pursuing a job I didn’t want and found myself and my passion in helping other people by becoming an insurance agent. John’s help and guidance has helped me to discover myself. With this newfound strength and confidence, I have been able to start paying it forward by speaking with others to discuss the importance of self-esteem and being anything you want to be. Before John’s assistance, I wouldn’t have had the courage to move forward and build a new and better future. John helped me to realize that my goals are attainable. I don’t have negativity in my life; I feel I can achieve anything with a positive vibe.

- Toree

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I’m Tykeia “Bird”…

I’m currently enrolled in Virginia College. I’m studying to get my Associate's degree as a medical assistant. I have two beautiful little girls, Maddy and Miyah, and a loving and caring boyfriend, Montrell. Well, I met Mr. John through Virginia College. He actually came there to speak to the student body, to motivate the students about success and to give a few tips on living life. I was just about to give up on myself, but that motivational speech really gave me hope that I could finish school. Mr. John asked the students if they would like help, so I took it upon myself to reach out to him and speak with him for future guidance. He gives great advice to those who want to really listen. He’s also a pretty nice guy, who went through so much in his life, to say he still cares about others to help them get a second chance at life. What sparked my interest in John was that he gave feedback. He didn’t ignore me, and he wanted to help me. He gave me and my family a shoulder when we needed it. It’s the things he did for me that my own family wouldn’t do for us. It’s just the fact that he’s there when I needed advice or just a shoulder to lean on. Mr. John has made a big impact on my family. He taught us how to budget and how to value each other. He’s teaching us about the meaning of life. If I could help John's Dream now, and in the future, I will recommend John's Dream to any and everybody in the world who's seeking help.

- Tykeia “Bird”

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I’m Montrell…

I’m a hardworking man trying to provide for my kids, Montrell Jr., Maddy, and Miyah, with help from my beautiful girlfriend, Tykeia, also a mentee of John’s Dream. Before meeting Mr. John I struggled with financial problems and keeping a steady job. I live paycheck-to-paycheck and struggle to make ends meet. I met Mr. John through my girlfriend Tykeia. She attended a motivational speech Mr. John gave at Virginia College. She reached out to him about some problems she was having in her life and was seeking advice. Mr. John set a meeting for them and talked about some things going on in her life. After the meeting, we discussed what happened at her talk with Mr. John. She said they had talked about me and that he wanted to meet me. So, we set a date with Mr. John and he invited us over to have dinner with him and his family over at their house. We’ve progressed since that meeting. After talking to Mr. John and getting to know him more, I grew interested in anything he had to offer me. It seemed that every advice and direction Mr. John wanted me to take to help me excel was on the path I wanted to take. He is a true motivator and dream chaser, and he makes me want to follow in his footsteps. I was never surrounded by someone with so much knowledge. John’s Dream has changed me a whole lot and had a big impact on my life. Since dealing with John’s Dream, I have a different focus on life. John’s Dream shows me what's important in life and the things that are not important. Thanks to John’s Dream I’m a better person. I would love to help John’s Dream by recommending anyone in need of help or seeking advice on life. John’s Dream is full of wonderful people working hard to help you LIVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE YET TO DREAM.

- Montrell

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I’m Erica…

I’m a native of New Orleans and a single mother of 3 children. I am currently a bartender and a singer, and help in a catering establishment. John and I met through my dad at a friends-and-family dinner gathering. John took an interest in me, regarding what was on the surface, but more intrigued by what was deeper, behind the surface. I think we had a cosmic connection — which sometimes happens with folks who can connect when meeting for the first time. I was in an abusive relationship for a few years, and when we discussed some of it, John saw untapped potential in me that I never saw. This was an eye-opener and I was intrigued to hear more from John. I consider John my life coach, and I tell all my friends this because he has helped me in motivating and believing in myself. He’s helped me to achieve short- and long-term goals in my life. He asked me to write a list of goals for both the short and long term, and I did. With his guidance and perseverance, I’ve been able to achieve my short-term goals, which are budgeting my finances, buying my own home, living a happy and healthy home lifestyle, and getting out of a toxic relationship. He is my champion and we talk every week or more. If I need assurance, I call him and say, "John, I need motivation to get through this hurdle,” and he tells me, “You can do this, you can get this accomplished!” He provides wisdom or what I call “Johnisms.” The biggest thing he’s helped me with is providing the motivation to achieve the goals that were attainable in the short term. His energy and motivation are the keys which have helped me and do help others that come across John and John’s Dream. John is my life coach! His Collective Momentum, or what I call positive energy forward momentum, this Collective Momentum puts good out to the world… Through the help John and John’s Dream have provided me, in addition to my family and friends, I’ve revamped my perspective and have become that person who strives to share with others.

- Erica

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